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Denise Miotke is the quiet co-owner of BetterPhoto.com and has been developing the site as well as photographing with Jim Miotke for over 15 years. She loves visiting and photographing lovely places, writing, eating delicious foods, the very idea of creativity, raising her three darling children, and exploring the connection we have with people and places throughout the world. She writes about her travels and her explorations of famous literary and artistic figures on her blog: ScribbleManiac.com

Classes on Photography Online
There is no better way to learn the creative art of photography. It's fun and interactive. You get personal feedback on your photos from published, professional photographers - the best in the world! The wonders of the Web make this kind of learning possible... and affordable. Try it out! Have a pro by your side - online, anytime!


Kerry's work is exceptional! He is the Masterpiece Membership guide, and is an excellent instructor at BetterPhoto.com. He is author of several great photo books, and his photos are Amazing!

Tony is also an excellent instructor at BetterPhoto.com. He is also the author of several great photo books, and his images never cease to inspire me.


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